the laser is not present

that at Vertigo parc

up to 20 players



range of 150 meters
even in direct sunlight

with red dot bezel
(Red point)

au Vertigo parc

Organize your

LASER output ...

from 7 years old
4 players minimum recommended ...

finally an activity where parents and children will clash !!!
up to 10 players

15 €

30 minutes of games

Organisez votre

evg/evjf laser...

au vertigo parc

practical information: sports clothing recommended, closed shoes and long hair tied.

No marbles, no pain ...

total security for the youngest.

A safety briefing (compulsory) is carried out. We ask you to respect the safety rules and the recommendations of the monitors.

Laser intager au parc aventure la gataudiere

Fully managed with the Intager smart box, you have the results and statistics live on your smartphones or after the game.

Integrated wifi system with a "medic box" for combat scenarios ...

The Medicbox Intager allows players to get back into play by restocking their lives and their ammunition themselves ("respawn"), without any prior configuration procedure.

Laser intager au parc aventure la gataudiere

To reserve the LASER

06 71 69 46 94

or on the site

Closure of land in bad weather (rain, strong wind, thunderstorm, etc.)

Laser is a sporting activity, we recommend that you be in perfect physical shape and in full possession of your means.


parc aventure la gataudiere en charente maritime