Tree climbing

at the Gataudière

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3 hours of adventure

parc aventure charente maritime

6 adult courses

from 1.40m
  • yellow

  • green

  • blue

  • red

  • black

  • super black

3 children's routes

from 3 years
  • turquoise

  • yellow

  • green

3 ziplines

6 years and +
  • maxy tire 200 meters

  • at will

  • from 6 years


  • 50 hectares

  • picnic areas

  • walk

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+ 1 activité

au choix

practical information: sports clothing recommended, closed shoes and long hair tied.

A safety briefing (compulsory) is carried out before each departure on the courses. We ask you to respect the safety rules and the recommendations of the monitors.

turquoise: 1 meter from the ground

blue: 6 meters from the ground

yellow: 1 meter to 3 meters from the ground

red: 8 meters from the ground

green: 3.50 meters from the ground

black: 10 meters from the ground

Equipment provided for three hours; beyond, the monitors are likely to recover the harnesses.

Closure of the park in bad weather (wind, thunderstorm etc.)

Tree climbing is a sporting activity, we recommend that you be in perfect physical shape and in full possession of your means.

super black: 12 to 14 meters from the ground

independent ziplines: 4, 6 and
14 meters from the ground.

Our dog friends are not allowed even on a leash.

Our dog friends are not allowed even on a leash.

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