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de la Gataudière

reception charente maritime

You ask yourself a question, you will certainly find your answer here ...

- What is the dimension of the oval tables?

- How many people in the big room?

- How many people under the awning?

- How many people in the small room?

- Size of the great room?

tables & chairs
made available

30 Oval tables of 8 pax: 163 x 115

20 oval tables of 10/12 pax: 220 x 095
250 polypropylene "miami" chairs

150 people seated

100 people seated

90 people seated

20 mx 8 m - height: 5 m

- do you have a plan of the room?

plan grande salle

grande salle

plan d'ensemble



exemple de plan: 150 pers tables de 8 pers.


tables 8 pers

plan de table

tables 10/12 pers

- Are there accommodations on site, bed and breakfast?

no, except a dormitory with 30 camp beds. Possibility to put tents in the park.

- What is the model of the chairs?

- How much lighting in the room?

Miami chairs. (covers not supplied)

4 indirect halogens with dimmer.

- How many hooks on the ceiling in the room?

4 hooks for flowering balls

- How many growing plants in the great hall?

- Do you lend decorations?

- Do you lend dishes, utensils and tablecloths?

6; the 4 corners plus the frame of the fireplace.

No, however there is a stepladder and a ladder.

No, to do with your caterer.

- Y a t'il une chambre froide ?

- Prêtez vous un vidéo projecteur?

yes, 2 cold rooms.

yes, projection in the big room on screen or small room on the white wall.

- Y a t'il du courant près de l'espace cocktail?

- faut il prévoir du papier toilette?

- à la fin de la réception, doit on ranger?

yes, 2 sockets one of 32A and one of 16A. we do not supply extensions.

No, everything is set up by us.

yes, stacked chairs and clean tables. a little sweep is perfect.

For all other questions:

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